Sunday, April 13, 2014

Watercolor Lesson-A-Day Calender - This is a good art exercise

This Lesson a Day calendar is a fun way to practice watercolor lessons or just doodles.You can learn how to paint with watercolors but it also has watercolor tips and artist information for each day too.

The good thing about this calendar is it a good way to learn watercolors on a  daily basis. Practice makes perfect definitely with improving artistic skills. The only problem I had with this calender was that the line drawings paintings are very small sized images - hard to paint at times. This is like a tiny watercolor coloring book.

Each page gives you a line drawing to  paint and it the beginning of each week the drawings are shown already colored and completed. You can use the pictures as reference.

I did a quick google and there are these types of watercolor lesson calendars still available online. Have you ever tried this type of calendar before?

Thanks for reading!

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