Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Necklace of The Day - Gold Chains Go With Everything

I LOVE wearing this necklace. I got it at the Salvation Army or a Flea market. It probably only costed a few dollars.   The best thing about these bold statement pieces is they can instantly dress up any top. My signature look is to wear one of my signature necklaces with a regular T-shirt.

 It can be worn anywhere with anything. As a statement necklace this piece adds a lot of bright shiny impact to any outfit. The gold tone is in a couple of different tones and textures. There are also alternating gold and iridescent crystal beads.Any necklace I can instantly thrown on and get on with the rest of my busy day will become a favorite.
Vintage costume jewelry like this is first place on my search list whenever I go thrifting. I have seen similar pieces in shops recently but of course they do not have the weight in the materials or workmanship. When I buy things I expect them to last. I am definitely not a disposal clothing or accessories type of person. Buying things that will not hold up in the was or will quickly tarnish - not my style and a waste of money.

Two wishes I have for this multi chain vintage necklace: I can find another similar and I can find one that I could take apart and wear the chains as separate necklaces. I hope my gold chains choker statement necklace dream will come true soon.

Do you have a gold necklace similar to this piece?

Thank you for reading

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