Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Everyday Is A Beautiful Day - Create Something New

This is a dogwood tree in my backyard. Each year I watch it bud, bloom and then drop it's leaves. Every year  it will go through the seasons of life.

The lesson this beautiful  tree teaches me is that everything has a season and a time. We have to go through things in order to move to the next steps in our lives. Sometimes it will be easy and sometimes things will difficult. This is the way life has always been since the beginning of time.

Expecting every day to be a good day without any problems is very naive. Hard times make us stronger and appreciate the good times. I have learned so many valuable lessons during my hard dark times. But the biggest lesson is to never stop moving forward. Life is going to go forward whether you are want it to or not.

Being creative and inspired helps me to stay excited about every new day. I get such a burst of energy when I'm writing, drawing or painting. Being an artist can be a blessing and a curse but as long as I stay inspired to create something new, life is amazing. I learned the hard way to accept myself as an artist or I will feel empty and depressed.

Everyday is a new chance to start over. Start fresh and look for new creative ways to deal with something you want to change in your life. Never give up. The only way to fail is to stop trying.

What did you create today?

Thanks for reading!

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