Sunday, April 9, 2017

Dogwood Trees Are Blooming


I had a wonderful time this morning photographing the gorgeous flowers in my backyard. Thankfully I was able to take pictures of the dogwood trees before their delicate white blooms fade and fall to the ground. It seems these flowers bloom quickly and just a quickly disappear.

What a wonderful sunny cool Spring day to be outside exploring my overgrown backyard. I had so much fun grabbing close ups of every flower I could find. Creative. Happy. Relaxed. Energized.

A beach trip would have been wonderful but it was nice to stay home and appreciate the things that surround me daily.


My yard has two hardy camellia bushes that have stood the test of unpredictable Winter/Spring cold then hot temperatures. I was afraid the frost would ruin the flowers and buds but once again these flowers set an example to me to stand strong against the harshness of life and bloom ANYWAY.

I hope you are having a happy, creative and productive day.

Thank you for reading