Sunday, April 20, 2014

Enjoy The Beauty Around You - Get Outside and Walk

Get outside and enjoy spring!

Life is too short too be sitting inside the house. Get up and Get Out! If you are feeling stressed or feeling uninspired one of the best things I like to do is to take a walk. Walking will get the blood going and fresh oxygen into the body.

I have solved or simply let go of so many of life's annoyances or problem by taking a walk to clear my head and my heart. Walking has helped me get through some very dark and sad times in my life. A change in surroundings does wonders for the mind and the soul.

Unplug! Put down the computer and the phone for just long enough to refresh your mind. Too much internet or social media will make you think the world is a lot worse off than it really is. Good news doesn't get as much attention as bad news so that is what is pushed and promoted much more often online. Good things do happen but you don't hear about them nearly enough as the latest horrible human tragedy or disrespect for human life.

Walking helps me get out of my head and look at the beautiful things created on this incredible plant. Sitting down too much in terrible for your health. It is a blessing to be able to walk  and to stand so get outside and move. The more your move around the better your body will feel.

I hope you have a wonderful healthy inspiring day today.

Thanks for reading!

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