Friday, April 4, 2014

VHS Exercise Tape of the Day - Karen Voight - Cardio Strength

Karen Voight is hands down one of the best fitness instructors I have ever experienced. She knows how to choreograph exercise routines that target the entire body. Excellent instruction on how to obtain the best form for each exercise move for the maximum benefit to the body.

This fitness program provides me with an opportunity to dust off my step and get in a strong workout for my legs. Voight is the kind of  teacher where the warm ups alone feel like workouts.  The routines are challenging in a good way. There is a warm up and a cool down.

On you tube, I have noticed that a lot of the exercise programs will not include warm up and cool down segments in the same program. As someone who hurt her knee quite badly once from not taking the time to get my muscles warmed up and stretched, I am annoyed by this.

Another great thing about Cardio Strength and all Karen Voight's other workouts, she offers a beginner level to those who may not be able to do the regular or advanced moves. This is BIG gripe of mine about some very popular fitness gurus on youtube. If I cannot do the exercise at all, how will the workout help me? 

I would recommend any of Karen Voight's exercise DVD (or VHS) programs because I haven't been disappointed by any of her exercise routines I've purchased so far.

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