Monday, April 14, 2014

Necklace of the Day - Rhinestone and Three Pearl Flower Choker

This rhinestone and stimulated pearl necklace is a perfect example of how I defy all style or trend rules and wear my "evening or dressy" occasion sparkly jewelry everyday. I do NOT care what people think. Rhinestones are so fun, bright and happy that I don't want to have to wait for the dark of night or a special dress up event to take them out.

If I bought something, I need to use it. When it is just sitting in a drawer out of sight not being used, this is a waste of very precious money. My jewelry collection allows me to make the exact same top and bottom completely different every time because I will wear a different sparkly accessory.

My costume jewelry collection allows me to express myself. Whatever mood I'm in or whatever color I want to accent in my outfit, a have fun searching my stash for just the right bauble. I don't have a lot of clothes but having lots of jewelry choices makes me feel like I have an almost infinite wardrobe.

Do you have a favorite piece of sparkly costume jewelry that you wear during daytime?

Thanks for reading!

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