Saturday, April 12, 2014

This is a Bearded Iris or a Crinum. Or Not?

I don't know what to call this beautiful flower
This gorgeous flower bloomed a day or two ago. It is in the same bed of flowers as the crinum. I don't know if it is a crinum or a bearded iris. I looked it up in a book a while back and it looked like the flower in the picture.
It is so lovely to behold with the deep purple and rich gold. I would love to find a dress or any clothing in this glorious royal shade of purple. Being beautiful is not enough for this flower it also has a wonderful citrus but also delicate flowery fragrance. If anyone knows of a perfume that can mimic this flower's scent, please let me know.

I hope this bloom last a long time because I don't think it bloomed at all last year. Another reason this flower is so amazing.

Thanks for reading!

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