Thursday, April 24, 2014

I Went Walking Today - Exercise For Life And Inspiration

I went walking on the local trail and it was amazing! This was the very first time I ever took my camera with me. My eyes were opened to the beauty of nature. Combine your exercise with another passion in your life and it will not seem like you are forcing yourself to exercise. Today I walked while taking pictures of the forest. It did not feel like a workout but trust me it definitely was.

As I was walking, I saw a woman that was the same size I was last year. This year I don't weight the same as last year. Lots of changes in my diet, walking and riding my bike, have made a lot of positive results on my health. Daily exercise can be boring but you must find ways to make it fun. I am so thankful I found fun ways to exercise.

I have walked this four mile trail many times before but I had never really stopped to look closely at the trees and the flower. There was so much inspiration.

As I walked, I would get ideas for scenes for my characters in my book I'm writing. The battle scene here or an intense argument next to that huge old tree. When I write, it is a lot easier for me when I start from something visual or music.

Before I knew it over two hours had passed. I had gotten my daily exercise and was filled with many stories to write when I got home. I love days like this. Crystal blue skies. The bright sunshine made the green leaves sparkle like diamonds. Fall and Winter never make me feel this happy and energized.

This trail will never be the same again. 

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