Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Dogwood Flower and Cosmo Watercolor Flower

I painted this watercolor fantasy flower in March before this beautiful Dogwood flower had bloomed. Until I took this picture, I didn't realize how much alike the two flowers are.

This spring, I have had a wonderful time photographing the flowers in my yard. I have always done this in past years but this year having a blog, I am taking extra care to do my best to show the world how beauty they are.

It can be a blessing a a curse to have a backyard full of trees - lots and lots of leaves to rake in the fall. But I am always awed by the intricate detailed beauty of flowers.

Many watercolor dogwood flowers will be painted. The cosmo flower maybe I will save that for my novel about mermaids. Hmmmm underwater flower.....

Do you have dogwood trees where you live?

Here is a previous post I wrote about a watercolor lesson a day calendar I use as an art exercise.

Thanks for reading!

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