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Tips for Beauty Gurus to Decrease Hater Comments -Part 2

Here is Part 2 of  Tips for Beauty Gurus to Decrease Hater Comments

"Lazy Haul" videos for showing clothing items.

Holding up an item of clothing out of a bag does not show how a piece of clothing will look worn.  It is so much easier to know how the clothes actually fit if the item of clothing tired on and styled. At the least the beauty guru could take the time to model one or two of the items. Another suggestion is to do a look book video soon after the haul video.

The good old sponsored product “bait and switch”.
The viewer will  assume they are watching a certain type of video because of the title but in the middle of the video, are suddenly blindsided by a random sponsored product “commercial”. I just skip over that section of the video. Some gurus promote random sponsored products that seem really odd and out of place on their channels.

It is really annoying to hear a beauty guru proclaim how wonderful a product they have never seemed to have used  before but now are totally in love with. The beauty guru will act as if they can’t live without it but it is obvious they don’t know very much about the product and haven’t used it for long enough to form a real opinion.

Beauty gurus who have a hoarding issues.
No one  will ever needs that much makeup. A whole room  (or cabinet) of makeup? I understand that they are sent makeup from companies as part of their job as makeup salespeople but showing a huge amount of makeup will definitely breed envy in viewers who want to be able to have a lot makeup but don’t have the money. It would not be so bad if the gurus would make the effort in videos to “shop” their makeup stashes. There is a mentality of always rushing towards the next trend or constantly buying new things. Make full use of the makeup you already own.

Fake bloopers
Do I really have to explain this? Real outtakes are genuine and funny but fake bloopers because bloopers are popular not funny at all.

Nothing is for “free”.
I’m not getting any money for this says the beauty guru. Yes this may be true but the guru is doing it for future business with that company. The beauty gurus are building relationships with brands.

Not Being Original.
Beauty gurus are notorious for copying each other’s videos. Be yourself. The viewers watch the same videos gurus do and it is annoying to see the exact same mannerisms, products, etc. Please stop with the hair stroking.  

 It is so aggravating when a certain sponsor is making the rounds among the gurus and you hear the same sales pitch in video after video for some random product they wouldn’t normally be interested in and haven’t actually used for a very long time.

Worshipping a beauty product, clothing item or designer bag.
It’s is a complete waste of money to buy something  very expensive and not use it. I think it is so strange when a beauty guru is  very “precious” with a makeup palette “I don’t want to mess up the design imprinted in the makeup” or someone who hardly ever uses the “price of a used car” designer handbag. Use it! That’s what it was made for. You are more important than your possessions.  Get all of your money out of something by putting it to good use.

Magic endless money
Constant hauls but no acknowledgement of having a job or how to save/budget to be able to afford all the clothes and makeup. Beauty guru admit you were sent items from companies.  Full disclosure of each and every item you were sent for consideration by companies.

Buyer Beware
It is the responsibility of the viewer to do follow up research before deciding to purchase the products or items mentioned in videos. Your mind and money are your responsibility. Don’t blame” the nice girl in your computer” for persuading you to spend money you should not be spending.

Read reviews about the products or go to blogs  to see the clothing styled before you make your final decision. Do what is best for your needs and your lifestyle. Remember you cannot buy the  “perfect” world presented in the video. It’s an illusion.

Sadly, there is no “cure” for haters on the internet. Some people think it is fun to leave nasty comments on videos. Haters love having one sided unfair fights with you tubers they pretend to have a "relationship" with online. The internet allows people to attack hidden behind their keyboards.

The beauty gurus who handle the hate the best are the ones who do not let it get to them. They make the best videos they can and do not let haters provoke or intimidate them. Block and delete the really nasty comments is always good strategy. But make sure the comment is actually a hate comment not an honest critique of the video. Look for the truth. Gurus who listen to their viewers make the best videos.

Part 1 of this post is here.

Do you think anything can be done to lessen the hater comments on beauty guru videos?

Thanks for reading!

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