Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Beauty Review - Cetaphil

This has been a skin care favorite for years. I have repurchased it many times.

This is of course a cult favorite. Cetaphil

We have all heard how gentle it is for the skin. This has been my holy grail face wash cleanser for years and years. Easy to use and inexpensive. Definitely a win win. 

 I can use my Earth Therapeutics facial brush from Ulta (the “ghetto Clarisonic” as Brittney Gray from the youtube channel Brittney Wins eloquently put it. LOL! ) or a cotton washcloth.I use only a pea sized amount and warm water.
I use can use this in the morning or at night without it drying my skin. It’s easy to find at your local drugstore or Walmart.

It is a decent no frills cleanser. As far as a makeup remover, I don’t usually wear a lot of makeup but it you build up a decent foam the majority of your makeup will dissolved to be rinsed off.
Speaking of rinsing, a very important step when using any facial cleanser is to make sure you rinse off any residue left by the product. This can prevent that dry tight feeling experienced afterwards. 

It’s not natural product with natural ingredients but it is definitely gentle to the skin. The slight soapy scent is not unpleasant. I usually only the smallest amount if I’m not removing a full face of  makeup. Since I don’t have to use a lot of product, it lasts a long time and this is definitely a money saver.

Do you use this Cetaphil?

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