Saturday, March 25, 2017

Spring is here! Time To Bloom

Azaleas beginning to bloom.
 Hello Everyone!
Long time no blog. I am back now just in time for Spring. Thank God winter is over. Now it is time to enjoy the beautiful budding flowers and sprouts of green. I definitely feel happier during the Spring and Summer months. Sunshine and blue skies - my life's motto.

Love how everything is coming up green.
This photograph is a lesson in you can't believe everything you see. It looks like just a peaceful shady green corner of my yard. In fact, it is next to a busy street and drive way. Photographers frame and crop images in a way to compose a picture that is not the actual reality of the real place, situation or even a person.
Always remember "there is more than meets the eye". In my beach photo landscapes ,I have cropped out so many trash cans, random people walking by and drainage pipes it is hilarious.

A daffodil that is truly a survivor.
This flower (some people think of it as a weed LOL!) is a daffodil with the strongest will to survive I have ever encountered with any plant in my yard. I remember this seeing this flower's beautiful buttery yellow bell blooms since my childhood. It has fought back against being trampled, cut down over and over with the lawn mower, and harsh weather conditions for many years but magically appears alive and strong year after year.
This year has been a stressful time for me and America so I took inspiration and strength from not only seeing the daffodil spring back at the beginning of Spring but this time it looks even more lush and strong than it has in many years. This plant is growing completely alone but decided to return and be beautiful every year.
Be Persistent.
Be Consistent.
Be strong.
Rise Up.
Thank you for reading. More blogs are coming.