Monday, April 21, 2014

Free Or Cheap Background Ideas for Blog Photography

I'm new to blogging. Also I'm very new to photography. Having a blog means I've had to learn very quickly how to use my camera to take pics to post. Here are a couple of ideas to add a bit of variety to your backgrounds for your photos.

A white box is a great way to have a white background and bring in a bit more light into the frame. Any ordinary box will do. You can shoot from above or cut out the front of the box and shoot the subject head on.

Paper - patterned, or solid color, wrapping paper, tissue paper. I have even just opened up a blank page in a sketch book and used that as a blank white background.

Bedspread or bed sheet - A bed sheet is very good for draping on the fridge (close it in the door) stand in front and presto a white backdrop for fashion photos.

Wooden, brick or tile flooring and carpets

Dishes - pie plates, cake plates, or a pretty dinner plate

Make your own backgrounds with rubber stamps, drawing or painting.

A mirror - yes this is a bit tricky but if you get the right angle it looks like the item on the mirror is floating in mid air.

A basket

On a stack of books or magazines

What ideas do you have for new photographers?

Thanks for reading!

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