Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Beauty Review - Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel

Oil free Dickinson's All Natural Witchhazel

Dickinson's is my very first toner I've ever used. Over and over, I was hearing from the beauty gurus: cleanse, tone and then moisturize as the standard beauty routine. says it locks in moisturizes but I found it to be just a little drying but now enough to not be able to use the product.  I use this toner after my cleanser then I make sure I rinse my face and neck thoroughly with water to prevent drying.

Dickinson's ingredients are natural grain alcohol - 14% and witch hazel extract. It has a faint antiseptic smell but that to be expected. I have decided to try the non alcohol toners next to see if they will not make the dry areas of my skin feel drier.

After using it for about a month,I do like how it cleans all the dirt left after I use my cleanser. Every time I see the dirt on the cotton ball, I am always surprised.When I use my cleanser, my face seems so clean but the extra step of a toner proves otherwise.

This toner would probably be better for people with oily skin, I have combination skin but it gets oily in the warm months. Maybe Dickinson's would be better for me during the spring and summer but not for the fall and winter.

Have you used this toner? What non alcohol toners would you recommend?

Thanks for reading!

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