Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sunset on The Cape Fear River

I took this picture with my iphone on the bank of the Cape Fear River while the sun was setting. The light was so beautiful over the brown (LOL!) flowing ripples of water. Muddy bottom equals muddy water.

In the background is a train trestle. All the times I have visited the river I have never hear or seen a train pass over. 

In the foreground, you can see the mud from the recent severe flooding that occurred in the area. The water rose up to the bottom of the train trestle. Incredible to see.

Despite the it's muddy scars, there is still beauty to be found and nature moves on. Time did not stop and life moved on.

Disappointments and setbacks happen in life, but how we recover and response to those stressful, frustrating, or sad passing moments defines our lives.

Rise Up. Refocus. Lessons learned. Keep flowing forward through life.

Thank you for reading. 


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Live Life Like An Ocean Wave

Myrtle Beach SC  Nikon Cool Pix L120
 I have realized that to live the most peaceful life I can in stressful situations, I had to be a flexible and flowing as an ocean wave moving back and forth towards land.

It is important to evaluate the situation and decide calmly to work hard on the things I can change and to let flow around me the things I cannot change. The ocean waves do not become angry at the rocks blocking it's way on the beach. It will slowly erode the surface of the rock over a long period of time or the rock with dislodge and float away in the currents.

I have had to be honest with myself about what I direction I am taking in life, career and my art. Forcing myself to settle has never be the path to a peaceful mind and spirit. I have learned the hard way to step out on faith and follow my dreams and goals. What you fear will master you.

Ocean waves have to encounter many obstacles while flowing towards the shore. Each barrier is met with power and grace at the same time. I want to be calm, graceful, faithful and powerful against all negative situations that life throws at me. Stressing out about anything does not lead to good health or positive productivity.

I always get the biggest laugh when I watch the seagulls and sandpipers stand with their tiny bird legs in the water searching for food totally unintimidated by the crashing waves. The birds are watchful of the rhythm of the waters but they do not let the size and force of the waves stop them from reaching their goals.

Flow forward in all things.


Thank you for reading