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The Evil Queen Disney Puzzle and Thoughts about Maleficent Trailer

Don't eat this apple!

150 pieces is about my limit for puzzles

This is the most beautiful drawing of  Disney character the Evil Queen from the story Snow White I've ever seen . She is so elegant, powerful and cruel in this intense image on the puzzle.

 I would love this puzzle as a regular sized poster for my wall. The Dollar Tree store had this 150 piece puzzle a while back and I am so glad I got it. Only a dollar. The colors are so vivid and the composition is perfect.

Now on to Maleficent the movie. This evil villain beauty is from the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty.

This movie with Angelina Jolie coming out on May 30. Honestly, I'm not very impressed with the movie poster of Angelina in the costume.When a actor doesn't impress me in the character costume in the poster, I usually end up not liking the movie. Believing the actor is the character and totally forgetting the actor is actually in costume is very important to enjoying the movie experience.

 After watching Maleficent movie trailer - it looks like a mixture of the movies Legend and Lord of the Rings (battle scene with the running tree things). Maybe a little hint of Wicked the musical too. The horns on Jolie's head are as distracting as the razor sharp cheek bones. Less would have been a lot more.

 I'm not a  fan of Jolie as an actress. But I can definitely see why she would want this iconic role and how she would think she could be perfect to portray Maleficent. But it really throws me out of the film when the actor is enjoying playing the character and it obvious to me they are REALLY enjoying being filmed playing the character. I caught a hint of Jolie maybe chewing scenery but I hope I am wrong. It's about time for another strong adult woman fantasy character in a leading role.

I can't suspense disbelief for Angelina as Maleficent (from what I've seen so far) exactly like I couldn't accept Anne Hathaway as Selina in Batman. Hathaway played a version of Catwoman but I never believed her performance in the role like I believed Michelle Pfeiffer's incredible feline portrayal.

And as Darkness,Tim Curry was amazing and terrifying and wore the horns a whole LOT better.

Are you going to see the Maleficent movie? Click here for the Rotten Tomatoes site review, trailer and pics.

*June 2, 2004 Update: The critics seem to be split on whether it is a good or bad movie. I have read some reviews that agree with my guess that Jolie would be overacting a bit. I will wait for this movie to go to the local $1.50 discount movie theater before I see it. Still hating the razor sharp cheek bones...

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