Thursday, January 29, 2015

Have A Beach Day Everyday

Go after those dreams. Never give up! But don't forget to make time for those "peaceful time at the beach" moments. 

Your time is so precious. Seek balance and peace. 

Take Care and Bless You!


Photo: Taken by Thomasina at Myrtle Beach, SC

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Walmart 50 cent Clearance Haul

Get ready to be scrolling for a while because I got quite a few things from two Walmart clearance shopping carts. I walk into the store and right near the front door were two shopping carts with a sign on them that said "50 cent" . I drove right in and found a lot of cool items.

Settle down and grab a cup of tea or hot chocolate and enjoy :)

Let me explain.... No way am I a fan of this boy band. I did at one point think Harry was a cutie. I'm over that now. But I could not turn down a journal and a cool rhinestone pen for only 50 cents. I will buy a journal with a cover that I don't like because I can just cover it up with a picture of what I do like. It is my own custom cover.

Sidenote: This journal set was regular priced at $9.99 - not worth it because I just barely opened it and the pages separated from the spine. Poor quality glue holding the pages to the spine. The pen writes in black very smoothly so that is a plus.

For use on my journal covers, journal pages, greeting cards or an art piece. This is so me. I feel like I am in the right place at the right time when I find things that relate to who I am as an artist.

When I picked this up out of the pile of clearance stuff, I thought what will I use this for? I use it to draw circles (a mermaid in a water globe). This actually makes drawing quick circles really easy.

These stickers make me happy just like a little kid. When I reach a goal or need encouragement, I will pop one of these stickers on a journal entry or a note and it makes me smile and work harder to reach my goals.

Silver sequins. Can't beat the 50 cents price for this amount of product.

A kit to attack bling and athletic theme stickers to a T shirt. I will probably use this to play around with on a shirt to wear around the house. Good deal for 50 cents.

Of course this is the BEST find of the entire haul. Digging deep down in the shopping cart that had all the 50 cent clearance items piled in, I found a beautiful poseable mermaid sticker. Whenever I find a mermaid and I wasn't looking for a mermaid, I always view this as a sign to keep working on my mermaid novel. She is adorable with the water bubbles and the shell.

Back view of the mermaid sticker.

These beautiful gold letters were not 50 cents, they were 9 cents! It is because they are from Christmas. Excellent!

Back view of the gold sticker package.

Wands anyone?

Not a Harry Potter wand but it is a girly cute wand. I taped this to a pen. Maybe I will tape it to my wall for decoration or to a bulletin board.

I almost cheered when I saw these cool beach stickers. This was the first time I ever saw such authentic looking sand stickers. Being a beach girl this was right up my alley. Can't wait to use these.

Glittery stickers are fun. These adhered to the page very well.

Puffy stickers for 50 cents is a really good deal. The princess them is really sweet. I will use these on the outside of my journals or on greeting cards.

I'm not really into these characters not being a fan of horror movies or cartoons. Big fan of Buffy and Angel though. I thought I would give these a try because they were kinda cute and 50 cents.


Usually the little notepads like this are useless in a real write notes or reminders on but these are actually really nice fainted pictures of the Disney Princess. Ariel is here so that made me happy. Mermaids represent!

What these are for exactly, I really don't understand. Pockets for pages inside your binder or notebook on the paper itself. What is this good for? I am just going to use this as decoration in my journals. I like the graphic. It reminds of the 70s graphic designs.

While not my favorite actor for the role of Superman - Henry Cavill was perfect in The Tudors. Tom Welling was perfect as Clark Kent on Smallville and Brandon Routh was a great Superman in a terrible Superman movie.

These are really cool stickers and they don't look like the actor for Man of Steel so that was a plus too. LOL!

I was excited to find two of these findings. Simple task to design a quick DIY for a new pair of earrings. Just attach pieces of jewelry from my jewelry parts stash and french hooks.

Here's a great bargin: a sequined applique for only 50 cents. I was very happy to find this bargain.

I see how this can be used for decoration on a shirt but I think I will use it to decorate the front of a pair of denim shorts or the back pockets of a part of jeans.

A cool single sheet of paper featuring a colorful picture of a galaxy. I see this as a wall art or cover for a journal.

At first, I did not know what these were then I saw the string. This a type of hanging decoration for parties. I might hang one of these in my office and use the rest as covers for journals. I will recover a journal if I don't like the cover with anything: tearout from a magazine, a picture or any graphics I find. Repurpose and Reuse!

Favor boxes and a table decoration  - all for 50 cents. I might display the table decoration on a table just for fun and I could use the boxes for gift boxes or tear them apart for use as covers for journal books.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Calendar Haul Part 3 France Calendar

A year of the best quality pictures in a page a day flip calendar of France I have ever purchased. I got this for 75% off at a calendar kiosk in my local mall.

Me and this 365 days of  France calendar have a long history together. I have been buying this specific calendar since the earlier or mid 1990s. It has been a life long dream to be able to travel to Paris and then travel throughout France.

When I look at the beautiful, colorful and peaceful picture is my calendar it makes me work harder to make my dream of visiting Paris come true.

When I go about my yearly calendar buying ritual near the end of the year, this calendar (and a Marilyn calendar I find that I cannot risk selling out) are the few calendar I will bit the bullet and pay full price for.

Here's a link to Workman Publishing Co. Inc. site.

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Lemon Verbena Shower Gel Body Wash from Dollar Tree

Here is a quick beauty review for shower gel and body wash.

I was visiting Myrtle Beach, SC, I stopped into the Dollar Tree store and noticed the beautiful packaging design on this bottle.

It is a shower gel and body wash but I only use it as a handwash. The beautiful art print on the front from The Robert Shugart Decorative Arts Collection is lovely to look at on my bathroom sink. 

It has a very pleasant lemony scent and is not drying. This is very good result considering with inexpensive products the fragrance can be terrible and harsh on the skin. No, it is not organic or has natural ingredients. It is from the Dollar Tree, you get inexpensive items at this store no more no less.
But sometimes you can luck up on some decent things that hold up very well over time.

The packaging caught my eye and I am so glad it did. I was surprised to see this in Dollar Tree store. The link is

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

DIY Necklace Display - Basket Weave Placemat

I am using this basket weave wall hanging "thingie" to hang my many necklaces on. Yes, I looks a bit crazy. Yes, I have a LOT of necklaces from Rue 21 (their $2.00 sale on necklaces is the Best). 

But believe it or not, my necklaces are on display, organized and they do not become tangled.

Since I can see the different pieces, I don't forget what I have. 

This DIY is just repurposing something I already had. The loops and spaces in the basket weave are perfect for attaching the jewelry display cards.

My dream is to have glass cases like at a store to display my costume jewelry. Until then, whenever I see something I can hook onto, drape across, etc. I will repurpose that item into a DIY jewelry display. 

Comment down below if you have any more inexpensive or free jewelry display ideas.

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A Quick Tour of My Dayrunner Organizer

I've had this ProBusiness Dayrunner 225-59 for many years. After letting it go virtually unused for far too long, I decided to dust it off and use it for planning and organizing my blog administrative tasks. 

This Dayrunner is black faux leather with white stitching and a pocket on the front. I prefer the pockets to be on the inside because it is a more secure place to hold items.

It is a 7 ring binder which can be annoying when pages I want to insert only have three holes.  I have been using the pages from past years that weren't used for the current year. I just repurpose them for To Do List, Notes, Idea Lists, etc.

I might update my organizer in the future. I really do prefer writing down my schedule on actual paper using a pen, marker or even paint.

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Calendar Haul Part 2 - Desktop from Dollar Tree

This calendar haul features the desktop calendars I purchased for a dollar each at the Dollar Tree store. 

The full length view of the calendar use to write my work schedule, bills due dates , etc. located in my home office.

Side panel view of a full year calendar. 

Both calendarsi are distributed by Bendon Publishing International  1-888-5-BENDON

I love the pretty design of the swirling flowers and the bright happy colors. I use this calendar for scheduling blog tasks and planning. I usually write in my bedroom so this is on a desk in there

Both calendars are a little smaller than the normal office desk size found in office supply stores. But they are a good value and will do what I need them to do. You cannot beat a dollar item that will last a whole year.

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Calendar Haul Part 1 - Marilyn Monroe

I am starting my calendar haul series off with my Marilyn Monroe calendars. Since about 1995 I have been collecting Marilyn calendars.

I usually get a couple of the big calendars and a small one for my home office. My advice about calendar shopping is to shop early when the calendar first come out in the stores or kiosks for the best selection.

In recent years, the selection of Marilyn calendars is not as good. I am very picky about which Marilyn pictures I like and the quality of the pictures in the calendar.

The price range of the calendars is from $16.99 and below. I am lucky I will get more than one of the same calendar for use as prints from framing.

Calendars have always been more about an inexpensive piece of  beautiful and inspiring art for viewing throughout the years than just a tool for showing the day of the week or scheduling tasks.

The next calendar haul will be my desktop calendars from the Dollar Tree.

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