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Tips for Beauty Gurus to Decrease Hate Comments - Part 1

 Tips for Beauty Gurus to Decrease Hater Comments*

*Unfortunately there will always be negative people on the internet.

 I really love watching beauty gurus videos on you tube. They are so inspiring, motivating and funny.  I absolutely have much respect for many of these women and men who are brave enough to put themselves out there to the world in you tube videos. They are indeed very brave and amazing people who do an incredible at job at presenting products, clothing, etc. informative and creative videos.

But this blog post is about the beauty gurus that have annoying unprofessional habits and spread misinformation in their videos which can annoy some viewers and lead to more than the usual amount of hater comments.

***The following post is my humble opinion.***

Be Honest when reviewing products.

If a beauty guru really wants to stir up hater comments all she has to do is lie to viewers. We (the viewers) can usually tell when a guru is not being truthful. Some gurus sing the praises of a product they have hardly if ever used just to get a pay check from a company. I have no problem with beauty gurus being sponsored but I have a problem with people who try to sell me anything and everything just to get paid. Beauty gurus should test the product for a reasonable length of time and give an informed pros and cons review of the product. Haters love beauty gurus that kiss up companies for free stuff and money.

Beauty Gurus who appear to live in a perfect world.

Beauty gurus that present a near "perfect world" and a magical endless amount of money for shopping, buying coffee and having lunch with friends every single day. These gurus who never talk about the realities of the world and pretend they don’t work for a living will definitely generate envy/jealous among some viewers. Beauty gurus should admit who they work for (you tube, beauty/clothing companies or a network) and talk about how they save and budget money to afford their lifestyles. Most viewers of beauty videos are young girls and it is sad to read their frustration at not being able to live the "carefree" lives of their favorite guru.

Lots of poor quality filmed videos.
Beauty gurus should make the best quality videos they can . Be professional. If you are getting a pay check from you tube or a beauty company, this is no longer a hobby, this is your job. Also horrible lighting in video after video. Poor editing or no editing. Cluttered or dirty background areas – clothes and shoes on the floor and bed. Set high standards for your videos.

Not being knowledgeable about products being presented in their videos.
When gurus talk about beauty products, clothing items,etc. they should do their research, be organized and knowledgeable about how to use the products. It is so annoying to watch someone who is not prepared and seems to not care they were not prepared for their video. How many times have we heard “I’m not good at describing scents”? Be aware that sometimes gurus will give “half” the information about a product to increase traffic to a company’s website.

Pretending you don’t work for you tube, a beauty company or a network.

Nobody is falling for the “I’m just a regular girl sitting in my bedroom showing products” anymore. You (beauty guru) are a salesperson and your viewers are potential customers for your channel and for the companies you represent. If you have an email for business inquires this is a job not a hobby.

Not being consistent. 
Beauty gurus who constantly promise certain videos but the videos are never made. I understand when this happens once every once in a while (life happens) but there are beauty gurus that made promises or start video series and never finish them.  Don’t make plans or promises you have no intention of following through with.

Beauty gurus try to look your best while on camera.
Everyone feels more confident when they have put forward the best effort to look pulled together on camera. Gurus are scrutinized so closely on camera, why give any meanspirited viewer good reason to criticize poorly applied makeup or messy ( and not the on purpose hairstyle) hair. Be camera ready.

Beauty gurus that complain.
No one likes a complainer especially when it is very obvious  the beauty guru is paid very well for making vides. Incessant whining about having “first world problems” is one of the biggest pet peeves I have . They have so much compared to the rest of the world but it doesn’t seem to be enough. Complaining about how long it takes to edit a video is so annoying. There are a lot more difficult jobs in the world than filming and editing videos for a living. The amount of money the guru will make over the life of the video (from views and from ad clicks, etc) will well compensate for the few hours sitting down in front of a computer.

Beauty gurus really are not your friend. 
Dear viewer: It is easy to believe that the nice girl talking to you on screen really personally cares for you the truth is she really doesn’t know you. It is sad that viewers believe a beauty gurus is a real friend.  For some, unfortunately beauty gurus are an imaginary “friend”  they can be horrible to in an unfair one way fight. Haters use beauty gurus to vent their own personal problems in the comment section.

To be fair, I do think many beauty gurus care a lot about their viewers but my point is we (the viewers) do not have "a real life in person type" of friendship with them. Online friendship is not the same as an in real life type of friendship.

Part 2 of this post is here.

What do you think is the cause of so many hater comments on beauty gurus videos? How do you think these type of comments can be decreased? 

Thanks for reading!

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