Monday, June 29, 2015

Necklace Of The Day - Pale Turquoise Flowers

Pale turquoise plastic bead three pendant necklace with rhinestone accents and on a goldtone chain. Lobster claw closure.

I often find the best marked down prices on costume jewelry at Rue 21. This statement piece was only $2.00. Love this!  I could not make this necklace myself for $2.00. The materials alone would be a lot more than $2.00.

Nicely designed piece with a good weigh to it. The color reminds of the color palettes from the 1960s.

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Bringing The Beach Home - Beach Sign

Here is another wonderful find at my new favorite store The Christmas Tree Shops

This is a  lightweight printed wooden sign with happy fun words that remind me of my times at the beach.

I could not believe it said mermaids because it is so rare to find anything with that word on it. 

Not being a fan of the cold weather months, I decided to make the inside of my house a bright happy fun beach house away from the beach. 

I got a couple more signs that I will talk about on the blog. 

This sign was only $3.99. Christmas Tree Shops has really low prices on seasonal home decor. It is not just a Christmas Tree store which is what I first thought.

I will be doing a haul very soon of other items I purchased. Stay Tuned.

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Happy Sunday! Blue Skies White Clouds

Peaceful perfect blue skies after a night of thunderstorms. Everything feels like it has been washed clean and revitalized.

Love this old worn amphitheater located in front of the Cape Fear River. I wanted to sit on the weathered wooden benches but the ants were using it for their busy highway. 

The dry brown leaf in the center of this lush green field made me realize that nothing is perfect but flourish anyway.

Don 't let the negative energy of others define your emotions or outlook on life. Thrive anyway! Focus on your positive goals. Be determined to be the best you possible.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mermaid Standing Statue

A new mermaid statue added to my mermaid collection from the Christmas Tree Shop.  I was completely surprised to see a mermaid anything in a local store.  Usually, I only see mermaid figurines when I go to the beach.

She is a little over a foot high tall. I am so excited to find a mermaid I really like. This mermaid has a beautiful face and the statue has a lot of detail. i think it is made from a kind o resin not a ceramic material. 

The only thing i really did not like is the "distressing" of the surface of the piece. if the paint was smooth, it would be perfect. But thankfully, there is only a few places where the paint is chipped off.

The tail is so beautiful.    I am really picky about the design of my mermaid's facial features and the tails. i do prefer the  mermaid tails to have a fuller wider tail fins.

The only color on the figure is this green and pink on  the clam shell.

A view of the back of the mermaid.

Love the intricate detail of the base: tiny sea shells and pearls

I got another wonderful surprise when I got to the register and it was half off. My price was $8.99! Awesome! The prices for this type of statue in Myrtle Beach is 2 or 3 times more than the regular price of this item.

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