Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Seeking Peace In Troubled Times

Myrtle Beach    May 2016

Hello Everyone!

I have missed talking to you so much. A lot has happened over the past couple of days and I wanted to say a few words of encouragement and peace to help us all get through this stressful time in the USA.

In recent days, I think I have experienced every single emotion dealing with the results of the election. Now I am at a point where my mind has cleared and I want to take positive action to move forward in life.

I did not like how the shock, horror and stress affected my mind, body and spirit. I acknowledged and faced every single emotion and started myself on the path to healing. Having gone through dark times in my life in the past, I know better than to let the darkness become a way of thinking and living.

Some days I had to push myself to put one foot in front of the other. But I was determined to keep moving. I took a lot of comfort in reaching out to family and friends. Communication was key to starting on the path towards feeling positive about life and my country. Realizing I was not the only person feeling stressed and sad was comforting and enlightening.

The world did not come to an end. The sun still came up,  people got up to go to work and time moved on never stopping. The normal day to day routines became so precious to me as a guide back to feeling unafraid.

I had to decide with all my being, I was not going to be angry and afraid everyday for the next four years and beyond. I know I will survive and thrive. My ancestors endured so much more than what is going on now and they powered forward with persistence and dignity.

To seek peace, I take the time to be extremely aware of the negative outside forces that are in a constant battle to steal my peace of mind. I do not follow or trust the news organizations as much as I did before the election. Self care is extremely important now. Eating healthy, exercise, meditation, and moving forward with my goals and dreams with positive actions.

If you are not coping well with these stressful, please ask for help. Don't suffer alone.

I have hope for America. This is a blessed and beautiful country full of amazing good people. I choose to believe in a positive path forward in life. There will be ups and downs but America is strong because this great nation is made up of strong resilient people.

Thank you for reading.