Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Marilyn Monroe - Life Inspiration

Huge Marilyn poster I got on a beach trip a couple of years ago.

Marilyn is a huge inspiration and influence on my life because she worked so hard for most of her life to make her dreams come true.

 She was determined against all odds to be a successful actress in Hollywood.  To do this she would have to spend countless hours networking with the right people (sadly the wrong ones too).

Makeovers, dieting, exercise routines, plastic surgery, auditions, voice lessons, public appearances and endless photoshoots.  Does anyone even know the exact number of photo sessions Marilyn completed? Hundreds? Marilyn has a huge legacy of thousand of photos that remind us how beautiful, sexy, smart, fun, talented, and vulnerable she could be. I love finding new photos of her.

It is sad that the media has always focused on the sex symbol image of Marilyn or the mystery of her death. Why not write about how much hard work she actually did to become an actress that stood out in Hollywood. The studio system in those days was a factory that constantly churned out starlet after starlet. Marilyn was able to distinguish her enough to capture the attention of the world with her talent not just her beauty.

Do you really want your dreams? Do the work it takes to get there. Marilyn did. She is my cautionary tale of working hard as I can never giving up on my artistic dreams but also to be very careful to maintain my mental and physical health.

I have my precious dreams for a reason. All things are possible if you work hard enough. With all the emotional and health challenges Marilyn faced she was always stayed true to her artistic goals. I am inspired to do the same.

Marilyn jigsaw puzzles I've blogged about here and here.

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