Thursday, May 8, 2014

Beauty Review - Elf Professional Foundation Brush

Elf Professional Foundation Brush

If you need a very inexpensive foundation brush, Elf professional foundation brush is a good choice. This is my very first foundation brush and it does a good job of applying my liquid foundation to the skin.

The bristles are synthetic and hold their shape very well. It is not necessarily the softest brush but it doesn't feel harsh to the skin. For the low price (about a dollar) you definitely get all your money's worth.

Another use I have for the Elf brush is to apply my clay and gel facial masks. Using this brush eliminates the messy hands part of applying a mask to the skin. As a result, I use my clay and gel masks on a more regular basis.

I have bought several of the Elf Professional brushes in the past. They have held up very well and I would recommend them as a good basic inexpensive makeup brush.

What has been your experience with Elf makeup and brushes?

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