Thursday, May 1, 2014

Heavy Metal Bands at Snookers in Raleigh, NC

Oh how I miss this time in my life. Going to see these bands at a small bar in Raleigh, NC in 1993 and 1994. It was an amazing time. I took a lot of pictures that I will post here on the blog. Good times never any bad times. Just going to a bar (although I never drank alcohol) and seeing good looking long hair guys playing hard rock or heavy metal.

I made a lot of friends during this time. Sadly everybody has gone their separate ways in life. After looking at some old photo, I decided I'm on a mission to find out what happened to my friends and to these awesome bands.

Finding local bands to go see play today has been a huge challenge. A lot of the music today is not my taste. Unfortunately, it is also not as safe to go to clubs as it used to be. I never gave a thought to my safety when I used to go out to bars (to see bands only) or to concerts.

When I was at the Dogwood Festival, I had brought a tote bag for my healthy snacks and a towel to sit on, etc. At one point, I was rummaging through my bag to find something and I noticed some people kinda watching to see what I was doing. I realized that in today's world we have to be careful of what people could be carrying in their bags. Don't even think of leaving a bag unattended in a public area.

I wish I had know how good a time I was having back in the early nineties when I was going to see bands in clubs and going to concerts. Who could have ever guess it would come to an end so quickly. I just remember Snookers suddenly wasn't the place to go see bands for some reason. Then everybody moved on with their lives.

But all that is changing. On May 7 I will be in Raleigh, NC to see Alice ih Chains in concert and this will be the beginning of my pursuit of listening to as much live music as I can as often as I can.

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