Friday, May 16, 2014

Fragrance Of The Day - Paris Dreams Pour Femme

This fragrance was a Christmas gift. It is an imitation scent of the Can Can from Paris Hilton fragrance from one of those discount trendy strip mall stores. But wait don't judge! It actually smells amazing. I was pleasantly surprised when I first trying it on. Usually imitation perfume are horrible. I got really lucky.

It is a light slightly sweet floral fragrance. It is a warm weather scent that could be worn for daytime or evening. As for lasting power, not too short but not very long. Love that it came with a little tiny travel bottle.

The lotion is a lightly scented lightweight moisturizer. It's OK . I love that it isn't that typical cheap watery useless lotion I've used in the past.

The fragrance came in a very nicely packaged white box covered in clear plastic. Nice presentation. This is the first imitation perfume that I've been gifted that smelled really good. In fact, I plan to try to track it down and repurchase it myself.

Btw I have absolutely no idea what Paris Hilton's Can Can fragrance smells like.

I just did a quick internet search to see where this product would be available for purchase. I saw this on some random site for $49.00! No way. This product must have been discontinued.

The Paris Hilton Can Can is listed for just $12.99. Wow. The cheap imitation is now sold for more than the original? The internet is a very strange place.

Have you had any luck in finding an imitation perfume that smells amazing?

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