Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Study in White - I Love Photography

I love this picture. The fluid form and the light all come together for an interesting composition. It is a study in textures in white. The true about this photo is that it is one of those lucky shots where I was holding the camera a certain way, I took a picture and this happened.

Completely unplanned. I think I may have been doing a test shot or even just moving the blinds and curtain to bring more light into the room.

When I take a picture like this, it amazes me but it also frustrates me. I would love to duplicate this shot but I don't think at this point, I have the technical skills at this point to know exactly how this shot happened.

I am enjoying learning how to use my camera (review about my camera is upcoming) and how to take better pictures. Having a blog, has made it necessary for me to learn everything about photography.

Yes, I really love my lucky shot. I hope I will learn quickly how to make this shots happen on purpose in the near future.

Thanks for reading! 

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