Sunday, May 18, 2014

Josh Thompson Pictures - Dogwood Festival Concert

This was the stage setup before the concert. I love looking at all the equipment and instruments on stage before the bands come out to play. 

 The crowd before the concert began. It was not a lot of people in the beginning but the number of people increased later that night.

 It was a gorgeous beautiful warm blue sky day. Perfect weather for an outdoor concert.

The opening band was Erin Nenni Band. Erin was a very good vocalist and had lots of great stage presence. The guitarist Scott was amazing! I will post more pics of this band in another post.

    This guys helping set up the equipment are the actual members of the Josh Thompson Band. I did  not     know this. LOL! I thought they were apart of the stage crew. Behold my surprise when they walked out on the stage with Josh.

This is the bassist of the band tuning Josh's guitar. This instrument was so beautiful to see in person. 


The awesome lead guitarist. I was very impressed with how he played. The entire band were very good musicians. They had a good time on stage and really had fun playing to the crowd. 

 I lucked up and happened to get a front row (or piece of pavement) right directly in front of Josh Thompson. Not even being a huge fan of country music, I really liked this band and their performance. 

 The bassist had a very unique style of strutting around the stage but really held down the bass line. Fun to watch him play. Lots of personality.

Another guitarist in the band. It was awesome to watch him play both of his instruments.

 More pictures to come very soon!

I had a wonderful time and they are an amazing band.

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