Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Living The Life Of An Artist and A Writer Is Not Easy

My writing desk and artist tools    

It is only recently that I made my decision to acknowledge to the world that I am an artist and a writer. This was a huge moment for my life and the way I present myself to people I meet and my family.

I decided not to wait until I finished my mermaid novel I've been working before I would tell the world who I really am. Being an artist is not easy. Most of the time people will look down on you and tell you are wasting your time. "How will you make money?" is a very common question. I will work very hard and constantly market my art and my skills this is how I will make money is my reply.

The artist David Mack is a huge inspiration for me. He is a very talented artist and writer who has worked on graphic novels for DareDevil and his own creation Kabuki. Following his career over time, I realized very quickly, you have to be a hustler to be a successful artist.

On Mack's twitter page and his tumblr, he is constantly interacting with his fans and promoting his art. This is essential in this fast paced internet world. You have to constantly remind people, who you are and what you do as an artist.

One of my favorite youtube channels is Shameless Maya. She made a very good point of noting that some artists have great art that they create and just sit on not going out into the world promoting their work. Clients are not going to come to you. You have to go to them. A lot of artists have you tube channels to demonstrate their art and techniques. This is a way to market your artistic brand to the world.

Blogging has made me learn to overcome my natural shyness and interact with more people than I ever have in my life. Writing is taking a chance. Not everyone will agree with what you write or the way you write it. But it is definitely worth the risk.

The life of an artist is not easy. The life of a writer is not easy. But the interesting people I have met online and in real life, have made my life a lot more exciting and happy.

Thanks for reading!

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