Saturday, May 3, 2014

More Photos from the 2014 Dogwood Festival

 I loved this ride. It was some kind of children take off their shoes and jump and slide down kinda ride.
 The first set of photos I posted on this blog 2014 Dogwood Festival are here.

 These pictures do not do this inflated alligator or crocodile ride justice. It was HUGE. So cool to look at.

 Hilarious! Dude in a moving van suit. This was an advertisement for a local moving company. Funny and cute. The legs and arms make me want to laugh. There were these two big burly guys walking around with him (or it). Everyone wanted to take a picture with the cute moving van on legs.

The stage at Festival Park
 How they got the water to float these plastic tube things in, I wish I knew. I loved looking at he beautiful colors of this ride. I don't like actually going on carnival rides but I love looking at them.

 An attendant told me it takes about a half hour to fully inflate one of these bouncy rides. It was located on the grassy area in from of the stage at Festival Park.

 People watching students from a local music school (Cape Fear Music Center) play on stage. I was really impressed with how well the kids could play their instruments. They had a lot of courage to get up in front of everyone and to sing or play. It was inspiring.

 These people were doing some type of group dance to some catchy song I never heard before. Loved watching all kinds of people dancing together.

    Downtown Fayetteville, NC

The amusement park had just closed and I ran over to take a couple of pictures of the rides. Without the people walking around, the rides actually look a bit scary or sad. It think I was thinking to much of the abandoned carnival The Penguin lived in in the Batman movie.

One of the more beautiful rides. This carousel had bright colors and a playful design.

  Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. I had not attended this festival in many years and I really    enjoyed myself. People watching was a big part of the fun.

 I fell in love with the design of this pizza vendor food stand. The city skyline lights lit up at night were amazing to see. I don't know if the pizza itself was any good.

 There wasn't as many people in attendance on the third day. There also were the vendors selling art, wine, car show, and crafts on Hay Street just a short walk from Festival Park. I definitely want to attend next year.
 I hope you enjoyed looking at these photos from the Dogwood Festival held every year in Fayetteville, NC.

Please comment down below and tell me what you thought of the festival.

Thanks for reading!

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