Thursday, March 20, 2014

The I LOVE Spring Tag!

Happy first day of Spring Everybody!!! Woo Hoo! 

I thought this season would never get here. Warm weather and sunshine, I have been waiting for you for a longtime.

1.    Favorite Spring nail polish

I don’t really have one. I don’t usually wear nail polish on my fingers- hate chipped polish and the smell of nail polish remover. When I do wear polish, I will wear it on my toes. Essie – Lacy not Racy, Wet and Wild Bronze Glaze, and Rimmel Lasting Finish – Goldspun Coral

2.    What is your must have lip color this spring? I love wearing low maintenance lip glosses usually from the drugstore. Vitamin E is something I use on my lips too.

3.    Show us you favorite Spring Clothing item!  My pale pink She’s cool silver sequin top. Light airy and goes with everything.

4.    What’s your favorite spring flowers? Daffodil and Camellias

5.    Favorite spring scarf/accessory? All my Hollister scarves

6.    Favorite Spring trends this year? I really don’t follow the trends. My style is usually classic and comfortable.

7.    What is your favorite spring candle? Yankee Candles- Golden Sands and Beach flowers

8.    Favorite perfume for spring? Jovan Island Gardenia. Love this fragrance so much.  Also Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers

9.    What is spring like where you live? I live in North Carolina. The springtime weather here is usually very mild, sunny and warm. But it can get very hot and humid at times.

10.  What is your favorite thing about spring? Everything! The sunshine, the new flowers and plants, daylight savings time. I come alive in spring and summer. I have so much more energy, inspiration and motivation.  I feel so free and happy in spring.

11.  How do you care for your natural kinky hair during the Spring? I will moisture  and seal a lot less because the warm weather is not as drying. My shea butter mix (a post will be coming up soon), coconut oil, olive oil and cantu shea butter are my holy grail products.
As for styling, I will wear protective styling (braids or twists) most of the time. Around the house and at night, my hair is always covered in a scarf to protect it from frizzing and to hold in moisture.

12.  Are you a spring cleaner? Absolutely! I start pulling things out of closets. Rooms must be decluttered. Papers will be sorted and thrown out. When spring comes , I want the house to be reborn too. Fall and winter darkness and gloom is out of here.

13.  Any plans for a vacation? I plan to go to the beach as much as I can this Spring and Summer. Also I will be going to an Alice in Chains concert soon. Very excited!

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