Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ouick DIY - Frame Your Earring Collection Like a Piece of Art

Thrifted picture frame without the glass and a mesh bag became a earring holder

I had an old picture frame and an open weave mesh bag. Put the two together and make an earring holder for your french wire earrings. This could be done with the mesh from screen doors or any fabric that has an open weave. My mesh fabric in my frame is a little wobby. Securing it in the back a bit tighter should remedy that.

Make your jewelry collection a work of art you love to put on display. When you see your collections organized in a beautiful way you are more likely to wear all your pieces. Get inspired by your jewelry. Don't let them just sit hidden in a drawer.

When I'm really feeling organized, I will arrange the earrings by color, gold and silver. Putting earrings away after wearing is easier when you have a handy place for them. Lost earrings and unused earrings are a waste of you precious time and money. This DIY is very simple to do with things you probably already have around the house. Have fun enjoying your jewelry!

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