Saturday, March 15, 2014

Necklace of the Day

Vintage metal bead choker necklace
Very pretty but heavy is the first impression after putting on this necklace. It is made of small rather solid metal beads and I am always surprised by how much heft it has when I put it on. Besides weighting you down a bit it also has the nerve to be cold to the touch. This necklace was made when jewelry was made out of good solid materials. This is one of the biggest reasons I loved vintage costume jewelry, it is sturdy and well made.

Many of the vintage pieces I have are decades old and have held up so well over the years. Do not get me started on some (but not all to be fair :) of the Forever 21 jewelry that seems to break  in front of your eyes when you look at for too long. And that's while it's still in the store on the display. :)

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