Friday, March 14, 2014

New Journal 3-14-14

This is a Townhouse journal from

This journal was $7.99 regular price but I got it on clearance at for only One Dollar!

Not a fan of journals with a flap on the front but I couldn't beat the price.

I love it when it is time for me to "move" into a new journal. It's like moving my brain into a new home because journaling is my creative outlet and therapy. After rummaging around in my journal, blankbook, notebook stash, I choose just the right book for whatever I am feeling at the moment. It the journal doesn't feel right as I'm writing or drawing in it, it's not the right one.

The cover on this journal includes the words Create and Inspire. This is an important time of my life right now that is full of changes and new beginnings. 

I am working on the post that will document the HUGE haul I had at a 2nd and Charles store in 2012 in which I bought a lot of journals and other things that would have added up to over $600.00 regular but I paid much much less because they were on clearance. I was in the right place at the right time.

Do you have a big stash of journals to choose from?

Thanks for reading.

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