Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Forever 21 Mirror Compact

This is a detail shot of a Forever 21 mirror compact

I was at standing in line and I saw this mirror compact. It has a type of black enameled surface with a rhinestoned flower in the middle. Inside it has 2 mirrors - one regular and one that magnifies. It was very inexpensive and the only one left. Of course it the only one left because it was broken - one of the mirrors was loose. A little E 6000 glue fixed up right up no problem. It reminds me so much of those gorgeous Art Deco powder compacts.

When I see an expensive clothing item or accessory, I will use the inspiration to find something as similar as I can within my price range. This is a big reason why I don't get jealous of people who have expensive things. Thankfully, I am able to completely enjoy my much less expensive item that is in the spirit of the inspiration of the more expensive antique or designer item.

Thanks for reading.

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