Sunday, March 30, 2014

Necklace of the Day -Yellow Popcorn Satin Bead Vintage Necklace

The earrings were a simple DIY of just winding thin gold wire through the beads and attach a french hook.

I DIYed this bracelet. I just restrung the beads when the necklace string broke.

Buttered popcorn is what this necklace reminded me of. The beads are a sweet pale yellow and light as air. I have no idea what they are made of but they have a shiny rich satin feel to them. This is definitely a springtime happy necklace. Wearing the entire set will set me apart from a lot of people because this really isn't done anymore. Being matchy matchy don't bother me.

I would love to find this type of necklace in many different pastel colors. I haven't seen any necklaces made from this type of bead material since finding this piece.

This accessory is vintage. So that means it's got a little age on it. With older necklaces the string will wear down and break eventually. I don't panic but take the opportunity to make lemonade out of "loose bead lemons". I just restring the beads as they were before or I make earrings and a bracelet.

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