Sunday, March 23, 2014

Necklace and DIY Earrings of the Day Pale Blue Glass Beads

Vintage pal blue with white marbling necklace and DIY earrings

This necklace is one of my favorites because of the beautiful pale blue sky with white clouds colored glass beads. I love glass bead necklaces. I think glass beads are a lot better quality and color than plastic beads. Because the beads are heavy, I can feel the weight of this piece when I wear it. A sparkle of light reflection is another attribute of glass beads.

This necklace is vintage. The bad thing about vintage necklaces is the string that is holds the beads can deteriorate over time. One day, the string broke. I was able to not loose any of these precious beads so that was a good thing. I restrung the necklace and decided I can make a pair of matching earrings. It was a simple matter of winding gold wire around and through the beads and attaching a french wire. Instant necklace set.

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