Monday, March 17, 2014

Jewelry Collection Organizing

The organizing and sorting begins

Jewelry boxes
I have a LOT of jewelry. Every once in a while I have to bring back some order to my collection. My method is to pull everything out, sort, and arrange the pieces as neatly as I can. My collections are not meant to be put away and not used. The more organized my jewelry is, the more creative I can be which leads to using the entire collection.  I can not stand watching you tube videos of people with a HUGE amount of makeup or whatever and it is so obvious they don't use all the items - They just want the shopping thrill and attention of talking about possessing the latest trendy whatever.

Brainstorming new ways to wear all jewelry is a must. I will wear a pretty rhinestone pin even if I am not leaving the house.  Layering necklaces and bracelets is another way I get around to my entire accessory collection. Watching a TV show or film always inspires me to shop my collection and wear a necklace a  way I never thought of before. This is one of the reasons I loved watching Charmed,Veronica Mars and Buffy - the accessories the characters wore with their amazing wardrobe.

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