Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thanks Hey Claire for the Tip

These are my artist tools and supplies for today.

After looking at a picture posted on Hey Claire's instagram which featured  random items neatly organized in a square formation, I got inspired. I love organization but I have to be on constant guard not to let the clutter that comes with being an artist and writer take over. When things are organized and easy to reach for, this creates such a sense of calm and focus for me. Truth be told, I have been very bad at just putting everything into a pile then just working from that pile. This has seemed like a very good idea. One big pile will not take up much space but every time I need something, I've got to upset the balance of the messy small mountain.

Today I decided I would try the new organizational system of neatly putting everything on the floor spaced out in a square. What a huge difference in productivity. I was able to very quickly complete several tasks. Also seeing everything, made me aware of concentrating on the present task because I could see the next task that was waiting for me.

Only organization geeks will really get this post. I'm tired of wasting time looking for what I need. I've just started my blog and it is a LOT more work than I ever imaged it would be. But I LOVE blogging. It's funny how a photo on my twitter feed inspired me to get a lot more done in my life. Thanks Claire.

How do you organize your artist materials?

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