Thursday, January 1, 2015

Foggy morning at the ocean

This is my first time experiencing fog at the ocean. Be aware, this not a blurry pic. It was pea soup fog . "Dracula ridin' to port up in his boat in a horror movie" fog. LOL!

Pardon the dramatics but thick fog over a huge spanse of deep water was kinda freaking me out. 

At first, no one was on the beach (Myrtle Beach, SC if you are new to my blog) it seemed creepy, lonely and endless. After a while, I saw some rather spry senior citizens walking their dog like "this is no problem where everybody at"? 

I had a good laugh at myself. A bit later, I ventured outside into the misty air just as the fog was burning off in the sun.

 During this beach trip, I saw the ocean in other types of weather besides sunny for the very first time. Needless to say, I definitely have a very healthy respect for the power of the Atlantic ocean. 

Nature is big, beautiful, and ever changing. But nature has a tremendous amount of both power and mystery.

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