Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What If I Had Waited "Until"

I've been doing a lot of thinking about how to live life in a more positive and more productive way. 

One thing that has definitely made a difference is to stop waiting "until".

"I will not go to the beach until I can stay at a fancy hotel."

"I will not start a blog until I have that cool Canon camera the beauty gurus seem to all have."

"I will not do this or that until the perfect moment happens"

This is the perfect recipe to how to completely waste your life. Just do it right now with what you have available. Be resourceful. Be creative. Be flexible. 

I don't have the best camera and have been plaqued with annoying computer problems but I have decided to not allow that to stop me from blogging. 

Are you waiting for someone to give you permission or their approval? Give yourself permission to go after your dreams and goals. 

Right before my recent beach trip, there was a series of obstacles and disappointments, while none of them serious, they almost made me want to cancel my longawaited trip. 

I sat down gathered my anxious thoughts, stepped out on faith and went on my trip. 

Waiting "until" would have made me miss out on one of the best beach vacations I have ever had. 

Don't live in fear. Have an attitude of perservence. You are smart enough to think of a solution that will keep you moving forward. 

Tomorrow it will be 2015 - a brand new year. Please don't hinder your positive progress by waiting around doing nothing "until". 

Thanks for reading!

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