Thursday, January 22, 2015

Calendar Haul Part 1 - Marilyn Monroe

I am starting my calendar haul series off with my Marilyn Monroe calendars. Since about 1995 I have been collecting Marilyn calendars.

I usually get a couple of the big calendars and a small one for my home office. My advice about calendar shopping is to shop early when the calendar first come out in the stores or kiosks for the best selection.

In recent years, the selection of Marilyn calendars is not as good. I am very picky about which Marilyn pictures I like and the quality of the pictures in the calendar.

The price range of the calendars is from $16.99 and below. I am lucky I will get more than one of the same calendar for use as prints from framing.

Calendars have always been more about an inexpensive piece of  beautiful and inspiring art for viewing throughout the years than just a tool for showing the day of the week or scheduling tasks.

The next calendar haul will be my desktop calendars from the Dollar Tree.

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