Thursday, January 1, 2015

Have A Happy Blessed Healthy And Prosperous New Year!

A calming picture of an ocean wave and sandy beach in Myrtle Beach, SC. 

It is a new year and time for a new start. Treat everyday as a new beginning blessed with positive change . 

I think of the ocean and the sand, as having a give and take relationship. 

Each new day (the sand) has to endure the power and debris the ocean (life) throws at it. The ocean is relentless in it's purpose to crash waves onto the sandy shores. 

Life is always putting us through changes that are either going to break you or build you into a stronger wiser person. 

The sand in this picture has been swept clean by the ocean. Each new day will always have it's problems. Think of the next day as an opportunity to start fresh and not hold on to the negative past. 

Hope is never lost as long as you are willing to put forth the effort to move forward towards finding positive solutions. 

As tiny as a grain of sand is, somehow every day it survives the daily pounding of the surf. One day it's on the beach then next day it is one the ocean floor. In either place it can overcome and survive.  

The clean sand left by the ocean is a clean slate much like a new year full of new days. 

We all must use each precious day to it's greatest potential. 

Have a happy wonderful new year!

Thank you for reading my post!

All photos have been taken by Thomasina. Please do not take them without permission. 

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