Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Express Jewelry Clearance Haul

Here are the items I was lucky enough to find on the almost non existent jewelry clearance sale rack at Express.

Maybe this is a once a year event but their jewelry rarely goes on any type of sale or markdown much less at clearance prices. 

I love the dainty elegant sparkly bracelets and earrings I got. Express has beautiful good quality costume jewelry but it is very overpriced. Everything was priced at $5.99 and then 50% off. 

Gold tone with rhinestones circle black cord with gold beads bracelet. 

Love the gold beads. They add an extra finishing touch. 

This is a very tiny letter "T" goldtone with rhinestones chain bracelet. 

A goldtone rhinestone very small star bracelet with a sky blue cord with gold accent beads. 

This "V" goldtone rhinestone gold chain necklace looks so much better when I put it on. I was kinda unsure about the design of the piece in the store but loved the price. 

I am so glad I got it. "Goes with anything"   simple tiny sized necklace. I love my big statement necklaces but this is a nice change.

Love this infinity or the number 8 necklace. My favorite symbol and number. Anyone remember the School House Rock song with the little girl skating on the pond? Love the song!

The last piece is a faceted plastic bead bracelet with a beautiful thin rhinestone cross.

Part of the cool thing about buying jewelry at Express is getting your purchases put into these mess drawstring small bags. 

Another nice "display" item is the actual card the jewelry is attached to. It is a thick paper that feels like suede.

Of course this nice packaging adds to the high regular price of the items.

It was so exciting after browsing in Express for ages to finally be able to buy something. 

Express jewelry is made from very good quality materials. Love the design of most   of the jewelry but it is usually way out of my price range.

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