Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Quick Tour of My Dayrunner Organizer

I've had this ProBusiness Dayrunner 225-59 for many years. After letting it go virtually unused for far too long, I decided to dust it off and use it for planning and organizing my blog administrative tasks. 

This Dayrunner is black faux leather with white stitching and a pocket on the front. I prefer the pockets to be on the inside because it is a more secure place to hold items.

It is a 7 ring binder which can be annoying when pages I want to insert only have three holes.  I have been using the pages from past years that weren't used for the current year. I just repurpose them for To Do List, Notes, Idea Lists, etc.

I might update my organizer in the future. I really do prefer writing down my schedule on actual paper using a pen, marker or even paint.

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