Saturday, January 24, 2015

Lemon Verbena Shower Gel Body Wash from Dollar Tree

Here is a quick beauty review for shower gel and body wash.

I was visiting Myrtle Beach, SC, I stopped into the Dollar Tree store and noticed the beautiful packaging design on this bottle.

It is a shower gel and body wash but I only use it as a handwash. The beautiful art print on the front from The Robert Shugart Decorative Arts Collection is lovely to look at on my bathroom sink. 

It has a very pleasant lemony scent and is not drying. This is very good result considering with inexpensive products the fragrance can be terrible and harsh on the skin. No, it is not organic or has natural ingredients. It is from the Dollar Tree, you get inexpensive items at this store no more no less.
But sometimes you can luck up on some decent things that hold up very well over time.

The packaging caught my eye and I am so glad it did. I was surprised to see this in Dollar Tree store. The link is

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