Sunday, December 21, 2014

Woodstock 3 Days of Peace and Music Director's Cut DVD Review

I have watched documentaries about the Woodstock Music Festival before but this DVD reminded me how huge that concert really was. Overwhelming is a word that comes to mind but there was still a very intimate vibe when I was watching the performances.

 It was just a sea of all people for all walks of life enjoying three days of amazing music. This huge peaceful type of concert with this type of "hippie" vibe and variety of famous artist been never been repeated  like this since. Concerts and festivals today do not compare to the vibe of Woodstock.

Watching the DVD, it was so interesting to look at the cool hippie/flower child fashions. I love the baby doll dresses, long strands of colorful beaded necklaces, and how "natural" everyone looked. There is so much plastic surgery, heavy makeup and hair weave to be seen today. Back then people looked like people. Black people wore their own hair a lot more than they do today.

The logistics alone are incredible to imagine how to plan a musical event attended by that many people. Of course a lot more people ended up arriving than the management team had planned for. I have always been extremely interested in behind the scenes activities. 

My favorite musical performances of the concert were Joe Cocker (Update: Joe Cocker died at 70 a day after I posted this blog - so very sad), Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Richie Havens. Some of the crazy zoomed in camera angles added to that being right on stage seeing the bands up close feeling. Loved it.

Hopeful one day I will be able to attend an festival that will come a little bit close to to the magic of Woodstock. The world is a very different place today. There is a lot to be cautious and even afraid of when being in crowds that huge. Europe still has annual music festivals. In America, there is a tendency towards violence sometimes (remember the other "Woodstocks").

Definitely check out this amazing DVD. I must admit it was fun to watch Woodstock but standing around in the rain, mud and the trash would be the least fun part of the experience. Let's not even think about how everyone smelled. LOL!

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