Saturday, December 13, 2014

Beauty Review - Lush Soap - Sexy Peel

I went inside the Lush store for the second time at Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh, NC. The first time I ventured in, it was on a busy day and was immediately helped a lot more than I wanted to be by the sales associates. My favorite way to shop is to be kindly approached by the sales associate then let alone to shop in peace until I have a question. At that time I felt so smothered by sales associates, I hurried up and let the store.

This time was a much better experience. The store was quiet with only one other customer besides me. The two sales associates were very nice and extremely helpful. I had lots of questions about what is the smallest amount minimum I could purchase. They very graciously gave me a small sample of the soap "Sexy Peel".

Oh btw, my understanding was that there wasn't a minimum to the smallest amount I could ask to purchase, I am going to test this out the next time I am in Raleigh.

The Beauty Review:

Lush soap - Sexy Peel

Main Ingredients: Organic orange juice and lime oil.

It is a citrus soap that first of all smells wonderful of oranges. The lime oil is not as strong as the orange fragrance but it is there just in the background.

This soap is a peeler bar with exfoliating properties hence the rough texture within the soap is small bits of orange peel.

My opinion after using the sample is that it  is OK nothing special. I loved the smell of the soap a lot more than what the soap was supposed to be used for. The lather and exfoliating were both nothing special.

My biggest problem with Lush  is the expensive price. For what the products are in size and use, in my humble opinion, you really don't get a whole lot for your money. Yes I know - organic ingredients are not cheap.

This store is hyped a lot by the beauty gurus on you tube but it's another store that once I actually use the products, it doesn't live up to the excited reviews by the gurus.

I will definitely go back to Lush (on not crowded in the store days  LOL!) to try more products.

Here is the link to the Lush site for the "Sexy Peel" soap.

Anyone have any suggestions on what I should try next?

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Thanks for reading

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