Saturday, December 20, 2014

J. Crew Gold Pencil - Great Sale Price But A "Goldfinger" Fail

Shiny and beautiful can be used to describe this lovely looking J. Crew pencil set. The classy elegant packing caught my eye at once. I was browsing in the J. Crew store at Carolina Premium Outlets in Smithfield, NC, they were having an amazing sale - 50% off plus another 15% off. I paid $4.97 (tax included) for the pencil set.

Yes this is fantastic but (and there is always a but) J. Crew's prices are so high, even with the discounts, most of the merchandise is far over my very small budget for shopping. So I was so excited that I could finally buy something from the J. Crew. Sadly it was not clothing but still I get to make a purchase and get a cool J. Crew bag.

The gold pencil set is in a thin gold cardboard tub. The pencils are the same high shine gold. Very pretty to look at and display on your desk. The pencil itself sharped in my "old school" turn the lever sharper (some pencils never sharpen - they just keep grounding down to finally a short nub with a point that keeps breaking.

Pencil sharpened fine, good sharp lead point and lastly a good eraser that doesn't smudge. Btw, yes I love office supplies and stationary as much as I do jewelry. LOL!

Today I decided to really use the pencil to draw a mermaid or two and design a layout for my blog, I look down at my hand and cue the "Goldfinger" theme song from the Bond movie: I had gold paint all over my hand. Not cool!

The J. Crew pencil set retailed for the regular price of $14.99 even if the gold paint stayed on the pencil (no the name J. Crew is NOT printed on the pencil) that is still way too much for 10 pencils.

Now I've got to figure out a way to use the pencils and stop the paint from rubbing off on my hands. So lame. This is way I do not blindly believe that a  "designer brand name" absolutely guarantee that you are getting a better quality product.

Scroll down to the see the pictures of how the pencil set looked before and after I used it. 

 Fail big time!

Why would the paint rub off so easily? Have any of you had this problem with this item? I will update you with my solution.

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Thank you for reading!

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