Monday, December 29, 2014

I Found A Mermaid!

Every time I go to Myrtle Beach, SC, one of my favorite things to look for when I go shopping is mermaids.

I absolutely love mermaids. They (like the real ones) are very hard to find. Well at least the ones that pass my strict criteria: must be beautiful, graceful, not trashy or skanky and the mermaid  item must fit neatly in my very tiny budget. 

The happy and thoughtful mermaid sign was purchased at the year round Christmas store Christmas Mouse located at Barefoot Landing
in Myrtle Beach, SC.

The price was only $3.75. I was very happy to find a mermaid I really liked for that low price.  

The sign is made for a very thin lightweight wood and painted a pale pink. The mermaid figure is a silhouette in black. The letters are in green. 

This is one of a few items I've gathered to start my mermaid collection. 

Other mermaid "sightings" while shopping posts are on the way. 

Thanks for reading!

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