Friday, December 19, 2014

Hollister Antique Metal Blue Ribbon Necklace

A close up of the Hollister necklace I purchased recently on a super clearance deal:  50% off the markdown prices of $4.99 - $2.49!!! The regular price was $34.95. I love finding deals like this on the clearance racks.

Strange thing - I was looking through the bin on the bottom shelf of the clearance section and the marked down necklaces were "hidden" underneath a pile of underwear. Lesson: Always take the time to dig through the piles in the sales section.

Of course I had to buy two necklaces (and the matching bracelet) LOL! I think it is because I am a Gemini why I always feel the need to buy two of almost everything.

I would describe the necklace as antiqued bronze metal, rhinestones, and  two colors of blue ribbon/threads weaving in and out of the metal chain links.

OK let me explain whay I bought two necklaces. Besides the amazingly low price, I will alter one necklace and as a result I will have two similar but different necklaces. The two necklaces can be worn separately or stacked for an even more strong statement necklace style.

I'm excited to start wearing this necklace with my knit or sweater tops.

Here is a past blog post I wore about a gold chain necklace that also had a lot of tiers in it's design.

Thank you for reading!

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